EA Question

<p>So I applied to Emerson EA, and one of the requirements was first quarter grades be submitted. Well my school still hasn't released my first quarter grades, and today I got an email from Emerson saying my application was incomplete and can't be reviewed. Think this is an issue that I still haven't submitted my grades?</p>

I'll attempt to help you because it seems like real Emerson students are not CC'ers. :/</p>

<p>I asked an admin person about this and she said that you should just mail it in as soon as possible, email them and let them know that your grades are not out yet. But you should be fine. I'm a fellow EA applicant :)</p>

Okay thank you, that's what I suspected but I wasn't sure and was getting a little nervous. I just mailed my grades in today.
Best of luck!!</p>

<p>Emerson states on their Application Portal that they understand that many students will not have these upon EA submission.</p>