EA/RD Class of 2025 Lawrence University

For students and parents of Lawrence University Class of 2025


Hi! I will be applying in the RD round. Mind sharing your stats?

I got in with presidential scholarship
SAT 1580
GPA 88/100 (but my country has really steep grade deflation
I had a great essay (it was mentioned in the acceptance letter)

Did you apply RD or EA, since I applied RD, but not heard any yet.

I just submitted my application yesterday by the extended deadline. What about other applicants stats? Feel free to share.

I applied mid-December RD, got in January 19th

I got in with generous scholarship 31k$ and I don’t submit SAT. Lawrence’s also very cute with the personal note in my offical acceptance letter.

Wao, very high stats, I think you applied a lot of elite schools. Do you consider Lawrence as a good option to enroll?

I have some decisions coming out in March so I’m waiting for those, but I’d be happy to go to Lawrence

it’s meant that, the decision is coming out in a rolling basis? still quiet for me.
did you get email, or just update in a portal?

Can i double check, this thread is for Lawrence in Appleton (not St.Lawrence)

I get email in Jan 18. Sure, it’s Lawrence Uni, Appleton.

I’m not sure when your decision will come out. I think they might release a decision early if they’re really sure about acceptance
And yes, Lawrence U in Appleton

My daughter (conservatory applicant) spoke with an admissions officer earlier this week. The AO indicated that decisions would be coming out over the next week. I do not know if this is only for the conservatory. In any event, I bet you could contact your AO and ask. They’ve been so helpful when we’ve spoken with them.

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My daughter was accepted about a week ago with 31k “international scholarship”. There wasn’t anything personal in the letter on the portal but we did get a email to say that a letter/package is coming and giving us a tracking number. I guess they send out some kind of admission package? Looking forward to receiving it and leaning more about Lawrence.

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Are you free to share your stats? I received the package 5 days after receiving the email.

Has anyone heard from the Conservatory yet?

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My son was accepted to the conservatory (double degree) today!


Congratulations to him, that’s great news! It’s wonderful when all of that hard work and dedication pays off! Not only for your S, but also for you😊

My daughter has been accepted as well. Hooray!


Hello, My daughter is waiting to hear from Lawrence for F22. Pretty sure she’ll be accepted based on her admissions counselor’s comment last week. Of course, the finances are of utmost concern to me at the moment. My daughter’s grades and ACTs are certainly in range for Lawrence, but we don’t know how the scholarships will fall. Was your scholarship merit-only, or did it include need-based grant money? Are you a U.S. student? If you ended up at Lawrence, how are you liking it? Thank you!