EA/RD Dillemma

<p>I am an International Student, and I just realized that they changed the rules this year; students NOT applying for f-aid can apply EA...so guess what I wanna do? ;)</p>

<p>The problem however, is this. I have not yet taken the SAT (have taken SAT IIs in chem and math). EA only gives me ONLY ONE chance on the SAT. (October). Although I am pretty confident with regards to my Maths score, I do not have that sense for the CR and writing sections</p>

<p>Do you think it's worth the risk to EA? IF i blow the SAT, will I be able to switch to RD?</p>

<p>You can switch to RD anytime you want. Since it's not a big deal which round you apply in, just pick the more convenient one for you.</p>

<p>thx for your prompt response, ben. Now i know exactly what to do :)</p>