EA rejected, apply with new stats?

<p>say you apply for EA at harvard (or any school for that matter) and you get deferred to regular action, can you change your application? for instance, can you write new essays? retake a standardized test? update your extracurriculars (say you found out in december that you were award baseball captaincy)? or do they literally just review your exact, same application come february?</p>

<p>Yes you can update your application. I don't think Harvard offers anything early, does it?</p>

<p>Both Harvard and Princeton do not offer any early admission program, but yes you can update your application after an EA/ED deferral.</p>

<p>Harvard doesn't have EA/ED.... so much for research.</p>

I don't think Harvard offers anything early, does it?


<p>No, but it did a few years ago.</p>

<p>I applied EA at Stanford and got deferred. They let you send new test scores and updates about extracurriculars or awards, but no new essays or letters of recommendation, and you couldn't change or edit your existing application. Just FYI.</p>