EA results question

<p>Whenever we do hear the EA results, is that when you also hear merit/fin.aid decisions?
Is it all on the website or in a letter or both?
With Tulane, you first heard that you were in, then a second letter with honors and merit money...
Totally curious about the timeline of news...thanks</p>

<p>Merit awards come in the mail with the acceptance package. I believe FA awards are later (we are not eligible). EA decisions are sent out in random batches starting the end of January and continuing thru early February. You may be able to see a "congrats" banner on myUM a few days earlier, but UM intends for decisions to be conveyed via snail mail. Hnag in there, it won't be too much longer.</p>

<p>woo! Feb 1st!</p>

<p>This waiting is killing me...</p>