Ea rhodes 2024

Hey guys I applied early action to Rhodes college for Fall 2020. Let’s have an applicant discussion. What were your stats ?
Class rank :2/105
Good highschool graded
Ecas: Research at a hospital, volunteering with children with autism, music and art and I submitted a portfolio for that, teaching assistant.
Have any of you applied for the merit scholarships? Also when do we get decisions? I’m so excited

I think admissions decisions are due out around January 15th. Good luck to you! My d20 has also applied. Rhodes is a great school!

I think they do let applicants know earlier than January 15th sometimes

My D got a phone call today. They let her know she was accepted and gave her some further scholarship info.

As for stats:
Her school doesn’t rank, but she is top 10%
ACT 32
4.0 GPA (her school doesn’t add quality points to GPA- but her weighted numerical GPA is 100.5ish)
Lots of AP/ dual enrollment classes

Hope you hear soon! She is really excited about Rhodes. The only other decisions she’s received are for her lower tier schools. Rhodes has a been a favorite from the beginning-- she danced a little jig after she got off the phone.

OMG Congrats to your daughter
I really wanna know my decisions but I’m an international. I don’t know if they’ll let me know any earlier .
I’m gonna check my portal and email them.

Congratulations to your daughter! Is there a particular reason she received a call that you’re aware of? I’m just curious because my daughter has not heard and I’m wondering what the process is? Thanks!

I don’t know why they called- not sure if they said. It was the admissions counselor that’s assigned to our area, so we’ve spoken to her/ met with her often.

My daughter is also waiting to hear and has not received a call either. She has met with her admissions counselor twice and I think they have exchanged a few texts (I may be getting schools confused on the texts). But, I don’t think she really knows him well enough to get a call. Sure would be nice to know before the weekend though! Honestly, I am not that worried about her getting in - it’s the level of merit they award that’s the worry. We are so hoping we can make this possible for her but she is wanting to go to med school so we’re trying to be financially prudent.

Have your kids check their emails. Decisions seem to be coming in! @jafo9jafo9 @Mimi31

What did the email say? I have not gotten anything yet and I was thinking decisions would come out tomorrow based on previous years

@bayougal It said to check your portal so maybe check it even if you didn’t get the email! Good luck!

Thank you! Has anyone else heard? I still have not gotten a notification.

No change to my daughter’s portal yet. Hoping she hears something on Monday!

@bayougal and @twokids2go I saw on last years results that some people got it on Saturday so maybe it will be there tomorrow.

No change to my daughter’s portal either. Hopefully tomorrow. Thanks for the updates! Best wishes to all!!

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I mailed admissions and they said that results will be posted on portal on January 15th

@janie how do you know decisions are coming in? My porta has nothing and I’m a worried now :frowning:

@mimi31 Don’t be worried. I think the bulk of the decisions come out on the posted date of January 15th.

Has anyone heard anything? I was hoping decisions would be released by now.

Nope. Haven’t heard anything. We were also very hopeful to have heard by now especially since they have released early in previous years.