EA vs. ED

<p>what is the difference between EA and ED?</p>

<p>EA is not binding, ED means you understand you must enroll if accepted and you have to withdraw all other applications</p>

<p>if you apply to a school ED, you can't apply to any schools EA, right?</p>

there is also a thing known as single choice early action (EA) in which you can only apply to that one school in the early round (but you can apply to rolling admissions schools). However, once admitted EA, you are free to apply to schools during the regular round, whereas during ED you wouldn't be allowed to.</p>

<p>Schools that don't have single choice early action (most EA schools are not single choice) means you can apply to multiple schools under the EA.</p>

<p>wait...so if you apply ED, you cant apply to rolling schools earlier?</p>

<p>If you apply ED, you can apply rolling to other schools. If you get in ED, then you have to retract those rolling applications. Some ED schools will let you apply to EA schools as well, but again, if accepted ED, you must attend.</p>

<p>Call to see if you apply ED if you can apply EA somewhere. Some schools allow it, others don't, so it varies. You can apply to rolling schools at the same time, but if you get in ED you must retract all other applications. But rolling is considered RD, not EA</p>

<p>what is rolling admissions?</p>