EA vs. Regular decision

I was wondering, is it easier or harder to get into a school if you apply EA vs. regular decision? I want to apply to a school that I feel pretty confident I’ll get into EA just so I can have the piece of mind of an early acceptance, but I was wondering if the applicant pool is a little more competitive in EA, or if it’s the other way around. The school that I have in mind, btw, is Goucher College in Maryland, which is probably a safety for me, if only because I’m a male (if I was female, it’d probably be more of a match)

<p>More competitive in EA, harder to get in, lower chance of acceptance. Still if it's a school you love, you get deferred and get 2 shots.</p>

<p>well some schools the rate is higher, and others (such as mit) is lower. however, generally not as many applicants get flat-out rejected EA but deffered...so your app at least gets a 2nd lookover. (especially if it's non-binding, non-single choice...then you have nothing to loose)</p>

<p>well, I hear tell that this school tends to fill most of its class through EA, does that make a difference on chances EA wise? I think I'll apply EA either way, as it'll (hopefully) give me the piece of mind of knowing about a colleges decision early on in the process so I won't have to worry all winter (and some of spring) long.</p>