ea vs regular decision?

<p>Does anyone know when Georgetown's applicant pool is "better" and the admissions are much more selective? </p>

<p>I can't decide before applying early action or applying regular.</p>

<p>It is supposed to be more difficult to get in early action because the pool is slightly more self selective, and it also doesn't really add much in terms of demonstrated interest because it is not an ED system. they only accept the strongest applicants that they are "certain" would be accepted regardless of the regular decision pool. Don't let that discourage you though, if Georgetown is your top choice, and you believe you have a strongly prepared application in October then send it! I was pleasantly surprised with an EA acceptance this past December. Plus you can't get rejected! If GU is your top choice the only reason I could think to apply RD would be to work harder on your application or have additional test scores or something</p>

<p>The EA pool is generally more self-selective, hence the higher acceptance rate.</p>

<p>Actually, no that is not true. EA has a .4% higher acceptance rate than RD. I went there this summer and they were bragging how their EA and RD acceptance rates are the same, excluding the .4% increase.</p>

<p>^I said it was higher, but not by how much. :p</p>

<p>That is just what the guy told us.</p>

EA has a .4% higher acceptance rate than RD.


<p>He was off by a little. Georgetown has an EA admission rate of 18%; its overall rate is 19%.</p>

<p>Honestly, I would just wait for RD. Unless you're spectacular, then go for it! Waiting lets you think about your essays or craft them for a little while longer, as well as giving you time to just get your stuff together. I'd say I totally regret doing EA, it wasn't worth the time crunch.</p>

<p>The reasoning behind the lack of preference for EA applicants is because they don't want to reject potentially better applicants during RD. If you don't get into EA anyways, you will be deferred to RD and have an opportunity to submit additional test scores. The only benefit in applying EA is you get to know sooner, at least if you are accepted.</p>