EA? When will we know?

My son applied as a spring 2021 transfer to the University of Hartford (Hartt School). All materials were in by the EA deadline of Nov 15. Interview was Dec.15. We have not heard anything. We put down a deposit on another school as a safety. How can we not know yet for spring???

Have you received their decision yet?

Nope not an official acceptance or rejection. My son did receive an email saying they thought he would be a better candidate for a different major than the one he applied for and would he consider changing his major and if so, they’d be happy to expedite things to make it happen. Very nice. So he should bend to what works for them?? If that’s their idea of a rejection for his program of study, I’m disgusted. However, he is now on another campus and beginning classes tomorrow and is quite happy with his decision.

These days that’s a common admissions tactic at some schools, Hartford included. Glad to hear it’s worked out for him (and you). Best of luck!