Eaglebrook School

<p>I've requested information for possible schools to go to for ninth grade, but then I've heard talk about Eaglebrook. I know it's across the road from Deerfield, and it's highly regarded academically and athletically, but would it be too late to apply there for eighth grade? I'm about to enter eighth grade at my local public school, but they have rolling admissions... I'm still skeptical if I should apply.</p>

<p>Best thing you can do is call admissions to see if any spots are available. If you're thinking along those lines, you should also call Bement (co-ed and also in Deerfield), as well as Cardigan Mountain School (EBS's rival). All these schools have excellent BS placement and provide an easier transition to boarding.</p>

<p>rizzledrizzle just sent you a pm. Good luck.</p>