Eaglebrook vs. Cardigan Mountain School

My son got accepted to both schools. We need to decide in a week. Can anyone give their experiences with their children at these schools? Any advice will be helpful! Thank you :slight_smile:

They are both excellent schools. My nephew applied to both of them, but decided to go to Cardigan Mountain School as they were more friendly on the day he toured, but obviously that perception could easily have gone the other way. He has had an excellent experience all around. The one complaint I hear from his parents is that he is enjoying it so much that he hardly calls home!

I know quite a few boys who went to both schools. Grads from both do very well in BS placement and seem smart and well prepared. In my personal experience, I’d give Cardigan the edge as I’ve found the boys to be nicer kids as a whole than those from Eagle Brook. Just a personal observation.

Both are good schools, but if aquatics is a priority, then EBS has no parallel. EBS also has its own on-campus ski run.

A school is more than its numbers. But FWIW, here is a tool to compare the numbers side by side:

With 41% vs. 29% int’l, Cardigan leaves the impression of being a school for rich int’l boys. EBS has a considerably larger endowment.

EBS also boasts an interesting list of famous alums: King Abdullah of Jordan, actor Michael Douglas, designer Jason Wu, von Trappe descendents from the real life Sound of Music family.

Both schools are excellent but if you like formal dress it’s hard to beat Cardigan’s spiffy green blazers. :slight_smile:

Tell us when you decide! Good luck on your decision.

I am an Eaglebrook Alumni and Cardigan Mt. is our rival. So yes I would take Eaglebrook over Cardigan. The facilities, campus, faculty, athletic program, the extra curricular activities, lead by an extraordinary Headmaster provides a learning environment for 6th thru 9th graders that is second to none. I’m sure CM will beg to differ which is fine, nothing wrong a little school spirit. Review the websites and if you’re going to visit one, might as well see both. If and when you visit, I think you’ll find that Eaglebrook can sell itself but it does come down to how you and your son feel when and if you visit.

I’m unsure as to pros and cons of all boys vs. coed. I’m not a psychiatrist and I didn’t need one after attending EBS then going on to a coed Prep school, just more appreciative.

I am a strong proponent of “fit” and recommend that you visit both schools. Meantime suggest doing a search on CC for Eaglebrook and Cardigan but please remember that CC is public and people make statements that aren’t exactly correct or true.

No kid is going to have a walk in the park academically at EBS and then again they are not going to a pressure cooker. Having said that, I’ll never forget my Biology class and the work I had to do. I thought the teacher was insane when explaining the pending biology project requirement on the first day of class. But his teaching approach quickly sucked me in and I had completely immersed myself in what was required. I still have the written report. I struggled with math and EBS provided the extra help I needed. I believe they are the only Pre-prep that offer Chinese. The academics are challenging with competent teachers that prepare their graduates for many of the challenges that follow. Looking at their matriculation lists proves their capabilities and achievements without exaggeration. I do know there has been no faculty turnover this past year. In my opinion that is a valuable insight to any school. It takes a special teacher to be there 24/7 for that age group. I know of teachers (married couples) that have returned to EBS for a variety of reasons. Having spoken to one of them recently at an alumni weekend it was obvious that the personal fulfillment of accomplishment played a major part of their return. I believe she was sincere, she wasn’t selling EBS, doesn’t have to. Andy Chase is the Headmaster, he’s a natural. He’ll know every kid’s name within a few short days and will build a connection with every kid there. He leads an invaluable and extremely dedicated group of faculty and staff. The school is on rolling admissions and usually fills up by March, April but has been known to fill up earlier. I’ve known situations where boys get in over the summer but that’s because they have a hard time saying no to a really good kid.

I’m still in touch with most of my classmates. Some are still really good friends to this day that I see on a regular basis.

EBS has it’s own ski mountain with a chair lift and snow making facilities. I have taken my kids to the EBS Winter Carnival for the festivities and to ski for the day. They have athletic facilities that are on par with any Prep School. It really is just incredible.

Here’s a bit from a previous post:
Arts vs athletics, I did both and I was no exception. Played football, wrestled (no snow back in the early '70s), baseball / lacrosse (switched sports the flwg yr, no problem). I was also very involved with the theater program. I was in more than 1/2 the plays during my time there. Had to play the lead girl once. I honestly do not recall getting any grief except maybe some ribbing from my closest friends. Incorporated art and shop projects with biology. I did not play an instrument. One of the Art dept. heads (still there!) is also the ski coach. Now that I think of it, he was also my JV football coach. You’ll find that kind of crossover with sports and arts in many of the BS. Arts and Athletics are equally important at all these schools.

I can’t speak for CMS academically, maybe athletically but that is always a roller coaster with any Prep or Pre-prep school. As much as I believe EBS is stronger academically, more prominent along with plenty of famous alumni past and present, I am a strong believer in fit. I can only suggest that you look at EBS, CMS and may one or two others. As much as I may wave the EBS flag, your son may just find that he is more comfortable with CMS, but I’ll put my money of EBS.

Thank you everyone for your kind reply. My son plays baseball and basketball. He is also a young engineer :slight_smile: More than anything, we would like to choose a school that can support his hunger for technology, which is his passion. We have a few days to decide! Have a great day everyone :smiley:

Hi pure things! Just wondered what your decision was. I hope he loves wherever he goes!

As a current EBS student, if you still haven’t decided (unlikely, I know, given the time constraint), then feel free to PM me.

@essaysarefun , which school did you decide at the end? We are looking to send our son to one of the two schools, so I am wondering what you think.