Earlham College Admitted Students: Prospective Class of 2019

<p>Mailbox for Earlham. They’re still a little old school on things like this, apparently, @MapleStatemom. </p>

<p>Congrats, that’s awesome!! My daughter is waiting to hear. Can I ask when you submitted your application and what state are you from? Just trying to gauge when she might hear.</p>

<p>I submitted right before the EA deadline, maybe November 30th. I’m from Kansas. :)</p>

<p>My daughter submitted the same day. We’re from Vermont, so hopefully there’ll be a letter today. Thanks!</p>

<p>My daughter also submitted Nov. 30th but no envelope in the mail today. Sigh…we both really like the school and I’m worried that her little open-ended paragraph for Earlham (not the Common App one) was not very good as she was tired and just feeling ready to submit the app. after jumping through the Common App hoops. I was concerned about editing too much and giving too much input and the essay losing her voice but now I’m like, “Maybe she should have mentioned X, or Y”. Luckily, she is admitted to two colleges, one of which is another CTCL but I still feel that Earlham is remarkable. </p>

<p>Hang in there. We’re waiting too. I doubt it would come down to the supplemental essay, if the rest of the app is strong. Where else has you daughter been admitted? Mine is in at Knox and Beloit.</p>

<p>Thank you MapleStatemom for your support! My daughter was accepted to Ohio Wesleyan and Wittenberg. (I wanted her to stay in driving distance of our home in Western PA). OWU’s EA app was due the same day plus or minus one and they got back to her in 10 days (really 2, with a phone call asking, “Is it okay if we disregard the SATS so that you get more merit aid”?). So we’re spoiled. On the other hand, her friend (and the only other Earlham applicant from her high school so far - Naviance tells you all this) heard weeks ago; he probably is a stronger candidate. I just need to think that if she doesn’t get into Earlham, juggling 2 overnight visits this winter will be challenge enough and that she likes both schools.</p>

My son submitted way back in October sometime – tried to get all his apps in early so he wouldn’t have to worry about them during semester exams and such. In addition to Earlham, he’s been accepted at Case Western and Miami, and deferred at UChicago so far. If you still haven’t heard, apps in by Dec. 1 should hear back before the end of this month. If it makes you feel any better, we’re still waiting to hear from UNC Chapel Hill at the end of this month, too. Their early deadline was October 15th and he turned it in at the end of September. Really long wait!

I received my admission a while ago via Early Action. Earlham is my top school which valued at 8k per year. Unfortunately, it’s a lot less my family than expected since we have to put in travelling costs because we are from California. (I received a pretty generous amount from some other schools, which breaks my heart.) I’ve been admitted to Lawrence, Mount Union, Linfield, U of Pacific, and ASU (safety school). I am still waiting for Gustavus, St. Olaf, Macalester, and Puget Sound.

Don’t forget that whatever was offered is a merit scholarship, not your total financial award, if you’re applying for need-based aid, too. Don’t give up hope until you see your full financial aid packet, @ethuilen! Best of luck to you!

I applied regular decision, submitting my application December 31st and I got my acceptance letter on January 20th! I’m so thrilled. I’m just wondering if any other Regular Decision applicants have heard back? I wasn’t expecting a decision so soon. I also got the Trustee Scholarship of $24,000/year. I’m excited to actually get to tour the campus in April.

Congratulations! That is fast – I think there may be some Early Action candidates that haven’t heard yet!

I’m an international student and haven’t heard back yet. Really anxious and nervous.

Received the admission letter today. Got a Presidential Scholarship (20k/year), a need-based grant (13k/year), a work-study award (~ 2.3k/year). Still have about 21k/year to pay, while my EFC is only 10k.
Anyone got an advice? I don’t know how my family can afford Earlham, but it’s certainly my top choice. This is so sad because financial aid is really limited for international.

You might want to ask if international students can apply to be http://www.earlham.edu/bonner-scholars – Bonner Scholars, if you would be interested in doing community service and if you haven’t already looked into that. Not clear from what’s online…


My case is similar to yours. I just heard from earlham and my efc is around 12k while earlham wants me to pay 24k per year + expected increase. I am an international student as well.
So should I discuss with earlham, if they are going to increase need based aid? I discussed with my parents and 13k is the maximum we can afford. Anyone have suggestions?

Received an admission letter yesterday. Got a deans scholarship ($16000), need based grant ($16000) and study work award (around $2k). Still need to pay about $22k, while my efc is $8000. Every international student has the same problem, I guess.

As finselmom suggested, you should all look into the Bonner Scholars Program! I’m not quite sure if they take international students either, but if they do, you’ll qualify if your EFC is $12,000 or less, which seems to be the case for many of you.

I happen to be a Bonner Scholar myself, and while it’s a lot of community service to do, it’s also a great way to break out of the college bubble and get more involved with the Richmond community. Not to mention that you’re guaranteed the full amount of financial aid you need (as demonstrated in your FAFSA) while you’re in the program.=)

hi guys,
I just have receive letter from Earlham today. I got total of 28k. I wonder if it is normal that international applicant got around this ?

Hi everyone,
I am also an international student from Nepal. I have applied Early Action II to Earlham. I submitted my application on January 4. I am waiting for my decision.

My EFC is only 3k. To be honest 3k is also more. My financial status is low and hearing from other international students who are told to pay 20k, 22k my hopes and dreams are crashing down hard. :frowning:

I have a GPA of 4 out of 4
I submitted my art supplement. (my sketches)
But I didn’t send my SATs.
My ECAs are also good along with good volunteer and work experience.

Is there any chance for me?
Sorry about my English :smile: