Earlham College Admitted Students: Prospective Class of 2019

<p>I received my letter of admission and merit aid offer today! I thought that it might be fun and helpful as we get admitted to ask/answer questions, exchange application experiences, and discuss what may lead us to make our final decisions regarding Earlham. You don't have to have to know whether or not you will be attending Earlham. It is simply preferable that you have been admitted! :)</p>

<p>When did you apply? My d applied 10-30-14 and hasn’t heard yet. She received an email (actually multiple emails) on Nov.26 saying they had mailed a postcard telling her what application materials have been received but she has not yet received the postcard. Has anyone received such a postcard?</p>

<p>My son also got his acceptance and merit offer yesterday! Totally unexpected, since everything seemed to indicate that we wouldn’t hear until February! And tigerfish, we also got the same email on the 26th…and still haven’t seen the postcard. A moot point now, I guess. :wink: </p>

<p>Thanks finselmom, I’m glad to know we aren’t the only ones who didn"t receive the postcard. We did get an email in October telling her that students applying by Nov. 1 would hear back before Dec. 31, so that is why you heard so early. I have suggested my d email them about not receiving the postcard but with getting ready for finals and Christmas she has zero interest in doing college related stuff. All her materials show as being sent so they should have everything but confirmation from Earlham that they do would be nice. The other three schools she applied to have online portals where she can check the completeness of her application. One of those schools did not pull her SAT scores off her transcript for three weeks and sent her a couple of emails during that time telling her the application was incomplete. After emailing them 3 times over the course of 2 weeks they finally did transfer the scores to the file but it was very frustrating during the process. I am the only one stressing over this though, she remains unconcerned.</p>

<p>Congrats to OfWordsnWonders and to finselmom’s s! </p>

<p>My daughter also got her acceptance letter, along with a scholarship offer of $16,000 a year. I’m curious to know if this is a typical offer. What amounts did others get offered? It is SUCH a nice college. Oh, we also got those multiple emails saying a postcard was coming, but no postcard came. The acceptance letter came about 3 days later.</p>

<p>I am beginning to suspect that no postcard was mailed but the email was sent to alert you to watch your mailbox and let them know if nothing arrives. What I suspect was actually mailed was the acceptance. Do you think this is possibly what happened or am I reading way too much into things? </p>

<p>Also congrats to Joan2021’s d!</p>

<p>Joan2021, First, congratulations to your daughter! My son was offered a Presidential Scholarship for $20,000, renewable for four years, which is the highest I can remember seeing in any threads, so we are more than pleased, though we’ll still need financial aid beyond that to afford to go. I still can’t get over how much tuition has increased everywhere since my college days! Tigerfish, I’d say there’s hope at least you’ll hear soon! Maybe you’re farther away, geographically? We’re in Southern Ohio.</p>

<p>Congrats to everyone who has heard and been admitted. My D submitted her EA application on Nov. 26. She, too, got 3 emails in one day re. the postcard (which has never arrived). Earlham is a long way from home but everything I’ve read sounds so positive and so “her” - that I told her she had to apply :wink: I hope she’ll hear soon! </p>

<p>Something came today. It looks like an acceptance but will have to wait until D comes home to know for sure. It is the right size and says “congratulations” so it looks pretty promising.</p>

<p>Sounds like the right package! Update, tigerfish?</p>

<p>@finselmom‌ Yes, in with $16000 Presidential Scholarship. (:</p>

<p>My daughter applied to Earlham early action but hasn’t heard although her friend (and the only other senior from her high school who applied) was admitted. Do you think that means she’s been rejected or put in a wait-and-see pile? Its her first choice although luckily she has been admitted to Wittenberg and Ohio Wesleyan (don’t you love Early Action?). Or, those of you admitted to Earlham - did you apply earlier in the semester and not the weekend the application was due (Dec 1) - just hoping! She loves the theater program, Asian Studies and the Quaker foundation (even though we’re not Quaker).</p>

<p>@MomofM Earlham says they will notify those applying by Nov.1st by Dec.31st. If she applied after Nov.1st she’ll probably hear later.</p>

<p>@MomofM, yes, my son had his application in back in October, just trying to get as much done as possible before school got too busy. Dec. 1 deadline folks are supposed to hear by Feb. 1st at the latest – which is when we were expecting to hear, because somehow I missed hearing about the earlier deadline and response! Best of luck to your daughter!</p>

<p>I know that Earlham says Dec 1 but I am hoping thats to give the admissions officer the most time if needed; the 2 early action decisions that my daughter did receive were received way before the “hear by date”; in fact, Ohio Wesleyan was not even 10 days! So now that we’re a little spoiled by those quick decisions, I’m worrying, hopefully needlessly!</p>

<p>by Feb 1, I mean, not Dec. 1</p>

<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>I’m a freshman at Earlham right now, enjoying my winter break. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I was in the same position as all of you! Anyway, feel free to ask about anything and everything Earlham, and I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge and experience!</p>

<p>I’m in! I’m so excited! My dad almost threw the packet away because we weren’t expecting a response so early.
Does anyone know what the biggest merit scholarship possible is? My letter says I got a trustee scholarship of $24K a year. Which is amazing! But I was just wondering.</p>

<p>Wow! That’s the biggest I’ve heard of! Congratulations!</p>

<p>It sounds like you all received physical letters, not emails? My daughter heard from two schools via email Christmas Eve. Earlham is at the top of her list, so we’re anxiously waiting. Should she be checking her inbox or her mailbox?</p>