Earlham College ED and RD Class of 2020

This is interesting because during my search, I never saw this, I saw February 26th and some stuff about board stuff setting cost of attendance http://www.earlham.edu/admissions/apply/

I applied EA I ( Dec 1) but haven’t heard from Earlham yet ( also Goucher and Miami Ohio). My classmates who applied the same deadline with me all got the acceptance packages. I’m sitting on fire now. It’s likely I’ve been deferred or rejected
My test scores and GPA were fine I think, but perhaps I screwed up my essay and ECs. =(( =((

@kjdsdksf A-Levels AAB (As in History and Politics, B in English Lit) B at German AS - studied at boarding school in england. GPA 3.73/4
TOEFL 113/120
Loads of ECs (President of Interact charity club, deputy head girl, head boarder, and vice house captain, first XI hockey, first 7 netball, debating, MUN)
Honors: Best Results L6, best results U6, Best in social sciences, best in english (Lower Sixth), School’s Medal Essay First Prize, Award for commitment to school life, community service cup)
Currently on a gap year working, and travelling. I worked at my old school in the junior department, in the games department and sometimes in the boarding houses.

I’ve got a full-ride at Sewanee that I have accepted, but I’m still curious to see whether I would get into Earlham!

@ZainSD I’ve accepted my sewanee offer but still! I have no clue why some people have already received offers/rejections and others havent!

Guys I was a recruited athlete so that’s why my decision came earlier. I just want you all to know that.

Is there a 2020 facebook page somewhere?

@Livvy97 Oh. Okay. Got an offer yesterday from Jacobs University in Germany.

@SeniorStruggling I got recruited for field hockey, but I am an international applying for aid so I had to wait till the end of feb anyway!

Hi guys!
I’m accepted with $37k+ financial aid packet.
EA2, international student from Vietnam.
Do you think it’s possible to ask for more aid?

Sure you can. Just explain to them your financial situation.

Rejected from Earlham College :((

It’s 23rd and I still have not received my EA 2 decision guys :confused:
What’s up with this?

They might have deffered you to the regular round. You should call them to confirm.

Got accepted as a Japanese Major (with a 1660 SAT lulz)! Don’t know if I should attend because I don’t know if I want to major in Japanese. But if I were then obviously I would attend Earlham. I’m kind of sketchy about how successful a Japanese major will be in America.

2020classx, Obviously I don’t really know, but as a college professor at a large U and as a parent of an Earlham student, unless you are transferring into Earlham as a junior, you are unlikely to be “accepted as a Japanese Major.” First year students need not declare their majors but I would recommend that you look at the other offered majors in case you do change your mind (and a large percentage of undergraduates in the US do major in something different from what they predicted at the start).


I will be a first-time freshmen. I don’t know, on the common app it asks you what you want to major in and I clicked on Japanese.

Oh, that’s totally nonbinding and, really, meaningless. Its for The Common Apps’ information and for the colleges to send you targeted information if they want.

@2020classx you will be fine. Earlham will let you major in anything you want.

I applied RD and I haven’t received an acceptance letter, but I got an email with a login for TheHeart, and it said that I received a 24k dean’s scholarship and the bonner scholarship. Anyone else get this before an actual acceptance notification?

Congrats to all accepted

@SeniorStruggling…congratulations…but am wondering how this computes to full ride with 35,000 to go - is Earlham generous with financial aid?