Earlham College ED and RD Class of 2020

Let the race begin.

I’ve applied EA & I am an international (from Italy)

I’ve applied RD and I am an international(from Pakistan)

on the website, is says international EA should hear by Feb 26, and I am guessing RDs will be late march!

EA 2 you mean? RD applicants like me have a long wait.

yeah! You’ll have a long wait. Where else have you applied? @ZainSD

NYU, Bard, Wooster, Bates, Reed, Colby and several others I’m too lazy to list down. I’ll be a crapshoot for most colleges. Expecting rejections from most colleges.

have you got any offers yet? I got rejected by Bates on ED 1 :’) @ZainSD Did you submit SATs to any of these colleges?

I got accepted into Earlham with $21,000 merit scholarship to stack on top of financial aid. Basically a full ride!

Just got admitted by Earlham, and received $27,000 merit scholarship. Such a surprise to me!

Livvy what are your stats

No offers yet. I applied ED 2 to NYU Shanghai and waiting for the decision on Feb 15. Submitted scores to all colleges. @Livvy97

I was accepted into Earlham with a $27000 scholarship!! Do you guys know if there’s a Facebook group for the class of 2020?

No clue @Snowybuny

Pls guys, any clue when internationals on Early action 2 get their decisions?

Maybe Mid- February or Early March

I disagree. I’ll call admissions tomorrow myself

Its stated on the website. Its 15th Feb. @iocbobby10

Send me the Link pls