Earlham College RD 2019

Hey guys I realized there was no discussion for the earlham RD 2019. So I made this thread. Please let me know if anyone’s heard back from earlham. I haven’t heard back from them and I’m pretty worried. Good luck to everyone applying to Earlham and I wish you guys the best.

Does anyone knows when the decisions will be released?

They say “latest by March 15”.

I have sent them 4 emails about my financial aid application and got no reply back, so I don’t think their admission committee is very responsible X_X

I haven’t heard anything about the decision date from the earlham.

My understanding, based on emails I’ve received from the college’s alumni office, is that decisions have been sent out. My daughter was accepted (though she applied EA) and has received an invitation to their admitted student weekends. Any action in your portal? Check your spam folder, and give them a call. D19 found her first emails from the Earlham admissions office were going to her spam folder. This was an issue for more than one school.

@microbial40 There is no action in my portal and I have received no emails from them. Are you certain that all decisions have been sent out? I thought I would at least get a rejection lol

@didi12 I’m not sure what’s up. Give admissions a call.

My S was RD and received his acceptance on 2/28/2019. I agree with other people in the forum - contact Admissions :)>-

Any news peeps? Has anyone emailed the admission office and has gotten back a reply.

I applied RD and was accepted 3/14.

I haven’t heard back from them at all :frowning:

Has everyone heard back from Earlham?

@Taraiwbsosd8505 A phone call to admissions may be helpful.

I called them and they want me to send them an email. But they gave my friend her admission decision through call and we used the same number.

I sent them an email and they told me that they didn’t have my SAT scores. But after they received I sent them an email again but no response yet.

@Universeeeeee have you heard back from them yet?


@Universeeeeee Earlham is test-optional. Do your SAT scores help your application a lot? If not, maybe you can just skip them.

You definitely should call and talk to your assigned admissions counselor. They might have a receptionist or even student workers manning the front desk and the phones. Get your assigned counselor. I am sure that person’s name would be on your portal.

Are you guys checking your application portal? If there is a problem, they would have red-flagged it there.

Everything is sorted out…they emailed me your decision will be released this Friday…they were waiting for my SAT scores which I sent them like a week ago