Earlham college

My sister attends to Earlham College . I am in senior year in Polish High Scool. My scores which i have already send to this College are like:
SAT : 1010
Toefl: 73
I think that i have very good essays,opinions etc.
Do u guys think that are there any chances to get to this college ? How %%?

Earlham will likely accept you. They are accepting everyone.

I am a current student. I could give you a long answer, but I would seriously recommend that you DO NOT ENROLL AT EARLHAM COLLEGE. They are in a financial crisis that is predicted to have them close by 2025. They also cut my aid in half. Now I only have my merit scholarship of $21k and no other assistance. That means I have a bill of over $32k, which I can’t afford. I am assuming they will cut aid for more upperclassmen to give more money to freshman in the future. I was also assaulted here even with video tape and circumstantial evidence, yet they have done nothing. They let the men get away with it and they are on the football team (they are extremely rich). I will say that the only redeeming quality of Earlham are the fabulous professors. Outside of this though, there’s nothing good about this school. You’re not safe. I’m not trying to be vindictive, but you need to know the truth before they enroll. I have decided to transfer to a state school that will cost me max $10k a year for all of these reasons. Private message me if you have more questions, I will try to be as honest as possible with you.


In th fall, you were looking for a school in New England because you MISSED New England…and that was why you wanted to transfer.

You are spreading some fairly serious and nasty information here about a college. Make sure you aren’t being slanderous.

She’s posting this on every site across the internet, on facebook, etc. I hate to see the hurting, but it hurts to see the hating. Earlham is an excellent school, and like most small liberal arts colleges, is facing financial challenges. Earlham will survive and thrive, her reviews not withstanding.

This potentially slanderous postingof @rozela16 seems like it should be flagged for the moderator.


Slanderous suggests malicious and false. I don’t know Rozela but she certainly is entitled to share her first hand experiences without being threatened.

In terms of her more general concerns about the schools future the above article suggests she isn’t alone.

Trying to shout someone down based upon their not sharing your view runs contrary to everything the school you are supporting stands for.