Earlham EA

Has anyone heard from Earlham for Early Action?

5:00 PM it will be updated in the portal. 53 minutes to go. Good luck to all.
We are very anxious at our home. I hope we all get the yes!

good luck!

It not there for us yet. Anybody else?

Hasnt gone up for me either :frowning: ^^

@Wowza121 Admissions said it would be today, have faith it will still update. I’m rooting for you.

Thank you! You too :slight_smile:

I still haven’t heard anything, has anyone else?

I haven’t either. Not sure when it’s going to happen :confused:

@gryffindortheo ^^

I was hoping it would be earlier in the day so I wouldn’t spend the whole night stressing about it lmao

same lol. So much stress and anxiety rn aghhh

Maybe the admissions staff was mistaken? Do you think they would still release this late?

It’s only 7pm, I think they could still release it. Plus the admission staff was really busy this morning/afternoon, there was a prospective student overnight stay, so that might have delayed them or something

okay now it’s 8, maybe they won’t send them out tonight :confused:

@gryffindortheo I keep hoping that’s not the case. I called admissions today to ask and they said it would be released at five, but they could be running behind as someone else mentioned. I’m sure they know that many applicants are anxious. Positive thoughts that everyone hears tonight. My D’s portal doesn’t seem to look any different. Good luck to everyone. If you get your decision will you post?

I’ll definitely post if I receive mine or not :slight_smile:

I’ll post if my D gets hers. Earlham is a special school. I think people are drawn to it that are also special. I’m hoping everyone anxiously waiting is accepted.

Everyone heads up…I just got an email from financial aid, as the parent I got the email so everyone check your portal. It has a student ID number on it. I hope that’s a good sign

where did you find an ID number? i got the email about financial aid but i don’r see an ID number