Earlham for underachievers?

So I am going to start off with this because I was not per say an underachiever, I focused on other things instead of school but never really cared about school. Freshman and Sophomore year I held a 3.5 and junior year was lower.

I’m graduating with an uw 4.0(probably, I took 9/14 courses in the fall and have a 4.0).

Basically, I haven’t been the strongest student and my study habits are still new and growing. I heard Earlham is a good school for this, I have applied and I’m anticipating an acceptance letter within the next couple days.

Also, how would any parents or current students say the social scene is. I was there one weekend where it was very fun and all around cool…but it was only one weekend, which as far as I know may have been the only one that was fun.