Earlham vs. Beloit

<p>I'm trying to determine the differences in college culture, academic energy and social life between Beloit and Earlham College.</p>

<p>I'd appreciate any insight!</p>

<p>Earlham college for sure. It is a much better liberal arts school. The freaking college has a supermarket ans a gas station lol .... #EARLHAMCLASSOF2016
Check this link out and be amazed Earlham</a> College || Interactive Virtual Tour</p>

<p>I only know Beloit by reputation but my daughter is a first year student at Earlham and I have been on campus several times this year. My daughter entered Earlham with some trepidation after one brief visit but she is thrilled with the school. Knowing her as I do, I expected homesickness and difficulties adjusting - but surprise! She felt at home within the first week and reports it was easy to make friends, join activities, feel comfortable. She has developed excellent relationships with professors and other administrators. She is particularly impressed with the Quaker tenets that pervade the campus – in a very good way. While not overbearing, those Quaker principles set a tone of respect and non-judgment that is for me one of the best aspects of Earlham. </p>

<p>Earlham students seem to me to be academically curious and comfortable challenging the status quo. I love the fact that there are no fraternities/sororities. There is partying – it’s college, after all – but my daughter says despite the fun, everyone there does care about academics. </p>

<p>As a parent, I’m thrilled with Earlham, but more importantly, so is my daughter! Go visit and hang out with the students and I think you'll agree the school is a gem.</p>