Earlham vs Brandeis?

Does anyone have experience with both these schools? My S has been accepted at both, and has a preference for Brandeis, which is more highly ranked, but Earlham has offered him more scholarship money. He wants to major in linguistics. He’s smart, a theatre geek, intellectual, straight-edge but not judgmental, a little introverted. He’s politically engaged (left-ish) but doesn’t like political correctness–prefers lively engagement on issues.

I only have some parental experience with Earlham, which has an excellent language and linguistics program. And while the theater program may be small compared to that of a large U, I think its pretty ambitious for a small college. The theatre dept has an open Facebook page your son should check out. I looked at Brandeis a zillion years ago as a student; the location is certainly more central than that of Earlham’s and if memory serves me the campus is attractive, though Earlham’s is pretty nice too. But most importantly, if your family can afford it time and money-wise, your S should visit both schools and stay overnight with students. This really helped my D’s search last year.

thanks. we will visit Brandeis this week. Maybe Earlham in April. I have family not too far away in Ohio which is a plus, though it’s probably harder to go back and forth to Indiana than Boston from where we are (mid-atlantic)

@PurpleMartin I’m going to Earlham next year, the big plus is cooperative learning environment rather than cut throat. It’s quaker affiliated so the teachers want to help everyone succeed.

Easy flights are to Dayton Ohio, Earlham provides shuttles.