Earlu Decision II

<p>Considering I don't get accepted to my first school; does anyone know if theres a site that has a list of EDII schools. If not do you guys know which of the following offer it.
Wash. U. St. Louis
U. of Michigan
Wake Forest
Any help is greatly appreciated....Thanks</p>

<p>Don't believe Cornell has Early Decision II.</p>

<p>i know vandy does.</p>

<p>Does Northwestern have ED II? I didn't think it did...</p>

<p>wash u does</p>

<p>k thanks guys</p>

<p>what is ED II? Also I know wellesly had some Early thing where apps are due like two weeks before the normal deadline. Also if I'm doing Single-choice-early-action at Stanford, can I still do the thing at Wellesley?</p>

<p>Wellesley's thing is Early Evaluation, in which they give you a reply about a month after you send in your application (on Jan. 1) and it says if you're "likely" "possible" or "not likely" to get in.</p>

<p>thanks. Can I do that if I'm single choice EA at Stanford?</p>

<p>emory does</p>

<p>don't forget swarthmore</p>

<p>oh yea and tufts</p>

<p>Yeah, I think you can do that. Wellesley's thing is just a preview to what you might expect come April</p>