Early Acceptance DVM Programs - How many students are accepted?

I’ve been trying to research the vet schools that offer Early Acceptance programs. Can anyone clarify for sure the number of students each will accept? From what I can tell, it seems like it is as follows:

K-State - 22
Mississippi State - 30
Missouri - 14
Oklahoma State - 13
Purdue - ?? (Can’t find this anywhere.)

Are there any other schools that offer early admission that aren’t on this list? If so, how many students are accepted?

Thanks in advance for any info you could provide!

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I will say that K-State has been between 15 and 28 over the years I’ve been watching. I know they don’t set a number. They say the applicants determine the number they accept. They try to accept the students that they feel would fit in well in their program and do well in it. They have been trying to keep the numbers down so they can give more attention to them than they did in the past (my son’s year was one of their biggest groups and things changed the next year for the better). (He is now a second year in vet school so has really seen an improvement in the program since he started). It is a great program. He also applied to Mississippi State but felt K-State was the right fit and gave him a really good financial aid.

Hello! I was an applicant this year for all but Oklahoma State. During a Q&A session for K-State, they told us 11 people were accepted to the program and gave the same reasoning that @momocarly stated above. I am not sure about the count on the others though. I tried looking into this too, and I really couldn’t find definitive info before applying to the programs. Let me know if you have any other questions about the programs though, the applications are still pretty fresh in my mind haha