Early Acceptance/No MCAT Programs

<p>What do those of y'all who have been through the "trial by fire" think of these programs? The particular one I'm thinking of is with GWU, and frees up lots of classes in hopes that the UG student will broaden their coursework substantially, take part in more study abroad programs, get involved in longer term research/more in depth research and engage themselves even more fully in their community by service opportunities. The acceptance (2nd semester soph) is provisional but the requirements aren't very bad (compared to WashU) and the best thing - the program is not exclusive. You are free to apply anywhere. O.K.. Maybe that's the second best thing after the elimination of the MCAT. ;)</p>

<p>Wake Forest has one i believe</p>

<p>Seriously. The MCAT is not that bad. Don't compromise your education to spare yourself two months of studying.</p>

<p>Really? only 2 months?</p>

<p>Two months if you've already taken all the classes pretty recently (one year bio, gchem, ochem and physics). By two months, I mean pretty much everyday for several hours. If classes are still in session, it'll be longer.</p>

<p>But what about the rest of it? You know you are going right out of UG to med school (if you want to, they may let you defer. I don't know.). You know you are accepted. And bdm, you can still take the MCAT, still meet the requirements other med schools have, and not close any doors. I have to think that if a student had GWU in the bag, their med school app list might be shorter and to be blunt, more reachy. In and of itself that seems like a pretty nice benefit. </p>

<p>I do agree that if one were to get boxed in by logistics and practicalities (not taking the MCAT, failing to take a required course) being limited to one med school when you might could have met your needs more fully at another campus, well...that's not real smart.</p>

<p>I still have zero idea how that whole thing would work with MD/Phd. plans if you had them but I'm assuming that you would still have to be accepted to the grad program, too.</p>

<p>Two months, twenty hours a week.</p>