Early Acceptance - When to hear by?

<p>I turned in my application to UNC by November 1st, the Early Action date, so when is the first day that applicants should start to hear their status by? Anyone have any idea? Or if people receive letters about their admissions please post so it gives everyone an idea of how long it will take! Thanks</p>

<p>From UNC website: "If you are applying for first-year admission and you submitted your application by our first deadline of October 15 you'll be notified of our decision by January 31; if you apply by our second deadline of January 5, you'll hear our decision by March 31. If you are applying for transfer admission and meet our March 1 deadline, you will be notified of our decision in mid-April." Hope this helps. :)</p>

<p>the very last week of January 2012, is what I heard.</p>

<p>the ks.</p>

<p>The deadline was Oct 15... if you turned yours in on Nov 1 then you'll be in the RD pile.</p>

<p>Oh yeah sorry, I meant October 15 for EA. I understand the decisions must be out by January 31 but do we know when the first batch of letters will be sent out? Just curious if people will start hearing about their admissions at UNC soon or if it will be a while. Thanks</p>