Early Action and Decision: Finding Out Really Early

<p>My friend was just accepted to Drexel early decision, though he was supposed to find out December 15th. Several other friends found out about Tulane early action in early November. Do most schools issue earlier decisions to some students, or is that rare? Would my safety that I applied to early action be likely to give me an early decision?</p>

<p>I applied early to a school as well, and was wondering the same thing.
But I do know that December 15th is the deadline for their answer to you, so receiving an answer before that date is normal, I'm just not sure how early it is.</p>

<p>I've been hearing from a bunch of people who got into schools too, and it's so annoying b/c it's making me get my hopes up for finding out earlier. I think it depends on your school- it seems like a few let people know early but most don't. :(</p>

<p>I bet those schools have a standard. If you exceed it, you are an automatic accept.</p>

<p>Drexel does rolling admission. I have no idea why some colleges do early decision and rolling.</p>

<p>Yeah, my friend who got into Drexel just told me it was rolling... now I feel dumb. I'd imagine it's a standard, especially if there's a high acceptance rate. Tulane is puzzling because it's about 25% acceptance.</p>

<p>Both Tulane (which has early action not early decision) and Drexel (which does not have early action and has early decision only for its College of Media Arts & Design) are rolling admissions schools (just because a college might have a 25% admission rate does not prohibit the college from being a rolling admissions school). You can get a decision almost any time after you have applied and submitted everything required (transcript, test scores etc.) once they start issuing decisions (usually in November). All Tulane's early action program does is simply assure you that you will have some decision on or before mid-December. There are a number of rolling admissions schools, not very high ranked, that have early decision; for those there is really no need to use early decision except that it will give you an additonal favorable factor in admission when you are otherwise on the weak side of those usually admitted. All your high ranked colleges like the ivies, etc. are not rolling admissions and those that have ED or EA won't give you any decison until mid-December when the college notifies all EA or ED applicants.</p>

<p>Many schools will reply before the posted reply date. The posted reply date is usually the date they promise to reply by, not the date they expect to reply on. I received all but one of my nine decisions before the school's posted reply date.</p>

<p>Tulane and Drexel are known for this -- at least with some students, they respond very early year after year.</p>

<p>I'm not sure whether it's a pure 'first in-first out' or whether they skim obvious admits.</p>