Early Action at High Point

I applied to High Point Early Action in October. I know it says we will hear back by December 15th, but can we hear back before that?

Last year, my daughter found out online on the 15th I think. She received the mailed packet the 18th.

Did you hear anything yet? Their FB page and Twitter says that Early Action applicants should hear this week.

Son just heard today on his HPU page. It changed sometime this morning. @MrsShark

Thanks so much! I will tell my son to check ASAP! @HLGC

Follow up: he sent me a screen shot from his phone. Accepted!

Awesome. Congratulations!

DD just checked her portal…Accepted!

Did anyone receive notification of merit/scholarship money with their acceptance?

My child was accepted ED - his acceptance letter also included merit money.

We haven’t received the actual letter yet…just saw the acceptance in his portal. I will update later if he got merit money included with the letter. We are expecting it in today’s mail.

We received the letter today and it did include merit

We received the merit info yesterday with the letter. Unfortunately not enough merit. Less than what the net price calculator said. Definitely won’t work for us. Good luck and congratulations to all!

My son was awarded $7,000 per year in Presidential Scholarship. The letter also said he would be invited to Presidential weekend and could potentially increase his award amount.

Yes. We got the same offer. I just can’t imagine them increasing it enough to make it worth it for him if they started at only $7,000/year.

Does anyone know when the presidential weekend is? I was offered the presidential fellowship for 10k and was told that the date would come at a later time, but I’m curious if anyone has already heard of the weekend date?

Presidential Weekend is either February 9-10 or February 23-24. My daughter received her offciall invitation in the mail yesterday.

Do you get to choose which weekend to attend?

Yes, you get to choose.