Early Action Chance Me Please

<p>competitive public school</p>

<p>Chance me for:
University of Maryland, College Park [smith school of business]
Binghamton [school of management]
Baruch [scholars program]
Rutgers [Honors]
University of Chicago</p>

<h2>Cornell (how much of a reach?)</h2>

<p>GPA: 90 unweighted. (3.6ish, i think)</p>

<p>courseload: honors english and history throughout highschool, honors science fresh, soph year. never took honors math. never took ap's until senior year (although not many ap's are offered at my school). </p>

<p>senior yr: 2 APs. history, physch (or econ) and abunch of electives. </p>

<p>significant upward trend gng from A's, B's, and even two C's in freshman year to Alot of A's and some B's in soph year to nearly all A's in junior year. </p>


<p>690CR, 680M, 800W</p>


<p>EC's: great, with lots of leaderhship</p>

<h2>essays:very good. </h2>

<p>i appreciate any chances. thanks alot! please label, saftey, target, reach, low-reach, etc...</p>

<p>I think you will get into Smith. Not sure what living and learning community you will get.</p>

<p>Chance please</p>


<p>Maryland should be a target for you; your SAT's are on par, although your gpa combined with course rigor is probably on the lower end. Chicago is a reach, unless you have a hook. I'd say Carnegie Mellon is also a reach (maybe low reach). I don't know about the others. Good luck!</p>