Early Action Class of 2023

Thought I should make a thread for those of us who applied to EA for this upcoming fall. What majors did you guys apply to?

I applied for Business Administration. Does anyone know when decisions come out?

@aag2019 Decisions are rolling around/after December 15th from what I’ve heard.


I applied under Psychology

@zoea4057 Yay! Me too! is CalLu your 1st choice?

@aag2019 it’s up there in my top choices for sure! i have davis irvine santa cruz before it but it’s most likely i won’t get into davis or irvine so it’s like my 2nd/3rd choice that i think i can get into.

@zoea4057 Oh nice! Good luck with the UCs!

Does anyone know who receives the Honors Day invitation? Is it only people who received a full ride?

I applied and I haven’t received a response yet. Did you guys get anything in the mail or do they send you an email?

I received an email saying an update was made to my application, then 4 days later I received a letter in the mail.

I got accepted! I just found out yesterday.

@futurehealthyrd Congrats! Is Cal Lutheran one of your top choices?

It is my 6th choice at the moment, I’m waiting on the UCs and CSUs. What about you?

At the moment it’s my next option after any UC besides Riverside.

Is anyone going to an All-Access event this month?