Early Action Decision

<p>My S applied October 21st. What is a realistic timeframe to find out if accepted? Also do they mail letter or email?
What are his chances of receiving a scholarship?
ACT: 35 (writing 10)
SAT: 2170 (700's in all subjects)
SAT Subject tests: Chemistry 800, Math 790
GPA: 4.34
Class Rank: 4 out of 300
200+ hours volunteering
NHS President
Freshman Baseball and football, JV and Varsity LaCrosse</p>

AP US History 5, AP Chemistry 5, AP Biology 5, AP English/Language/Composition 5, AP Calculus 5</p>

<p>He"ll get in. I don't think that's even a question with a 35 ACT and those stats. Last year they sent out a preliminary email to accepted students December 16. Then I got an official acceptance letter in the mail a week later. As of last year, UM stopped doing rolling admissions so everyone should find out at about the same time. Good luck.</p>