I got in and hope you did as well!

Deferred :frowning:
3.5 gpa
Dual enrollment and honors courses
One of the best high schools in my state
Mid 1800 sats

3.52 gpa 580m 590cr 26act
private in state

I have a 3.94 GPA, 610m 510cr and ive done marching band all 4 years of high school

Accepted! In state
3.7 GPA / 28 ACT / 1890 SAT

Accepted in state
3.72 GPA/ 29 ACT

4.04W GPA
ACT: 29
30 34 26 26 9 essay

nj1818 my daughter’s stats are extremely close to yours, Ffx schools, and she was deferred too. Hang in there, you should be fine when all is said and done.

My son got in. Marching band, too Samantha! Will you do band at JMU? He’s not sure.

103.19 weighted gpa
27 ACT
Out of state. Top 100 public schools
Considering JMU

3.65 gpa
530 math 640 reading
out of state
amazing ECs

3.84 gpa
out of state
400+ hours community service
Strong EC’S including being the president of two clubs and two political internships

daughter accepted
wgpa 4.429
gpa 4.1
sat 1720
act 25
oos- New Jersey
many EC’s and part time work
ranked 64/597

Daughter accepted
3.6 UW
26 ACT.
Highest ranked public school in our state.
Applied to enguineering.

Teaches piano
.Coaches lacrosse (played for 10 years),
Certified to Teach in Preschool setting

I’m not sure. I would like to make friends outside of band for once. All my friends in high school are from band and I would kind of like to experience life outside band and go to football games for me, not because I have to