Early Action Decisions

<p>Did anyone apply early action to Howard and not get a decision mailed ? I'm freaking out because Howards my first choice school and I was expecting a decision on christmas eve and haven't heard anything back ):</p>

<p>well on my fed ex packet it says that Howard mailed everything out on the 22...so if anything its probably something at fed ex or the post office thats holding it up</p>

<p>okay, Thank you. yeah I've been freaking out all week cause I was so excited to hear back and haven't gotten anything yet. But I know since its the holidays everything might be backed up at the post offices. And I'm from Boston so maybe it takes a little while longer for the mail to get from DC to Boston. Hopefully it comes this week, and it's good news so I don't have to freak out anymore haha.</p>

<p>You got in ? Congrats ! :)</p>