Early Action/Early Decision

<p>So I noticed that the EA/ED for most schools is in november and I also know that the deadline is before the SAT takes place in november. I have a few options, but what do you think I should do? I need to either take the SAT I in oct. and then take the SAT IIs in november and send that in later, or I could just take the ACT in september and then the SAT IIs in october. I have scores from both the SAT and SAT IIs but I really need to retake them. If I did end up submitting my old SAT II scores, then submitting new ones later, would that be okay? Would they consider the new scores?</p>

<p>bump! Anyone have any advice for me? Please?</p>

<p>If you read the individual college's admission website, it usually lists which test dates are the latest acceptable for EA or ED applications. Some accept the Nov. date, others want all the scores submitted by the app deadline.</p>