early action & senior first semester grades

<p>will admissions take a look at first semester senior grades before making a final decision for early action? the first semester grades at my school are not made until january 25th and it looks like early action notification is february 1st.</p>

<p>Just a guess on my part, but I would imagine all the decisions for EA would have been made by 1/25. Are you expecting a big jump in grades for the 1st semester that you feel would improve your chances (for either admission or a larger scholarship)?

<p>actually i'm expecting a downfall with my grades and worrying about just admission. right now my gpa is 4.4 weighted 3.6 unweighted but i might be getting 3/2 semester C's. i'm in IB and the courses i take are difficult. i was not stressing too much since my sat is ok, a 1350, my extracurriculars and essay are great.
but would 3 or 2 C's hurt me? my gpa will drop down i'm thinking around to a 4.3 weighted which i think is still above the average gpa. i'm just worried they'll think senioritis hit me or i'm slacking off, which i'm not, and they'll change their mind.
is there a chance that they will see my grades? and if they do will they consider that i take all difficult IB courses and that i'm still a strong candidate?</p>