Early Action Test Scores

<p>i have decent test scores but i plan on retaking SATs in november which is after the early action deadline. if i apply early action and am deferred, could i send in my SAT scores from november, assuming i improved?</p>

<p>Yes you can. If you are not happy with your test scores, you are better off waiting for RA. There is a possibility you may get rejected so I would not go for early action unless I am sure that my test scores are in the solid range for CalTech or for other top schools.</p>

<p>If your test score's are within Caltech's range (750+ M and 700+ V) then go ahead and apply early and submit the second set if you're deferred. If they're lower than that, then I think mazewanderer's advice is solid. You may want to wait until RD.</p>

<p>i do have 700+ reading and 750+ math. i think i could improve my scores which is why i'm retaking. does caltech use superscore or single sitting?</p>

<p>I believe they superscore. Either way if you have those scores I wouldn't worry about it.</p>

<p>We don't do either -- all scores are visible on your file.</p>

<p>CatTech requires to send all scores. In fact in the SAT score choice usage for </p>

<p>CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Contact Institution for Information</p>

<p>If you fell you can improve your scores, my suggestion is not to go EA.</p>

<p>Previous two posters are correct, in that you are supposed to send all you scores. However, it's my belief that the tests will be superscored in that as long as you have one math and one verbal within Caltech's range, no one's going to care whether they're from the same test or not. I don't think Caltech has an official rule on the matter, but I would hope that people on the adcomm have better things to do than nitpick superscoring.</p>

<p>I'd advise against taking it more than twice, though. It will start to look like the SAT is your extracurricular activity.</p>