Early action vs Regular

Hello! I’m trying to figure out how which way would be best to apply.

If I applied EA, I would apply to

  • Centre
  • Fordham
  • Lewis and Clark
  • U Denver
  • Puget Sound

These are safety and likely schools on my list. My freshman year grades were not terrible but not great. I got a C+ each semester. Since then, I’ve had a really good high school profile. Sophomore and Junior year I had a 4.0 and took 7 APs collectively. In my senior year, I’m taking 6 AP’s and crushing it.
My GPA and class rank will improve a good bit if I apply Regular (Wouldn’t I be more likely to get scholarships). However, I’ve also heard that chance of admission and Merit aid decreases if you apply regular. I’m unsure if RD vs EA changes for each of the different schools listed above.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks