Early Action vs. Rolling

<p>I know in EA they wait till a certain date and review apps, while in Rolling they just look at them as they go. Which one should I do? I didn't know they offered BOTH. I want to hear back as early as possible. Pros/Cons of each would be nice..</p>

<p>The admissions counselor said that November 1st is Early Action deadline - no obligation to attend if admitted...but student will know by December 24th.</p>

<p>it's significantly easier to get in EA and it's not binding. there really isn't any reason not to apply EA</p>

<p>EA is the way to go. I didn't even turn my application in until October 30th and I still heard by back December 17th.</p>

<p>Idk if it is significantly easier but you should still apply early. It can't hurt</p>

<p>Isn't rolling faster?</p>

<p>No, rolling means they find out as the admissions office makes decisions in large groups. Early Action means that if you send in your application before November 1st, you are guaranteed to find out by December 23rd, which is usually before any rolling admissions kids find out.</p>

<p>Ohh. I thought rolling meant they look at your app as soon as they receive it so you could theoretically find out earlier if you submit in september/october.</p>

<p>No one will hear until EA hears. After EA is done, then regular admissions people will begin to hear. They don't do rolling admissions any more. Highly recommend EA and highly recommend getting it in early, i.e., in September. UNLESS you have a REALLY good reason to wait, like you are about to be awarded a Nobel Prize or something.</p>

<p>Well, I turned mine in October 30th last year and still heard before some of the other EA kids, so as long as you turn it in before the due date, you should be okay.</p>