Early Action

<p>Sent my application in for Early Action but have received no confirmation yet. Should I be concerned?</p>

<p>No don't worry. The last day they'd get back to you would be on the 15th of Dec. I applied around the end of Oct. and heard back in 2 weeks. When did you apply?</p>

<p>No they didn't send a letter or an e-mail to confirm that they received my application and I sent it the application on the 15th of November.</p>

<p>Oh so you send it on the last day. So you prob have to wait longer. What were your stats?</p>

3.0 GPA (but rigorous course load, its a special circumstance...)
great ECs and recs
New Haven is more of a safety to be honest.</p>

<p>but did they send you a letter/email telling you that they received your application or only when they gave you your decision?</p>

<p>They send me my log in info to check my status, and then an email acceptance, then the mail acceptance.</p>

<p>how long did you wait to get your log in info... should i call/email admissions? i've emailed them before about setting up an interview and they didn't respond.</p>

<p>yea try calling</p>

<p>Just got my acceptance by email. Thanks for your help :)</p>

<p>Purplekiwis how long after your email acceptance did you get your mail acceptance? My daughter got accepted 3 days ago via email.</p>

<p>It takes about 2-3 weeks.</p>