Early Action?

Are Early Action decisions released this week? I think I read in past years the decision came out by the 15th, but could it come out on the 14th this year?

Also does anyone want to chance me?

  • 1430 SAT (superscore) -740 math, 690 ERW
  • 3.83 GPA
  • School doesn’t rank
  • 5 AP courses/college honors courses
  • Business Admin (Real Estate) major
  • 10/10 teacher rev, 9/10 teacher rec and 8/10 counselor rec


  • National Hispanic Scholar
    -Honor Roll
    -Debate State Qualifier


  • ASB President (11-12)
    -Speech and Debate Captain (9-12)
    -Job with the Community Services Dept. of my City (11)
    -President of Volunteer Club (9-12)
    -Anchor/Host for Broadcast Program (10-12)
    -Student Council (9-10)
    -XC League Champions (9-10)
    -Volunteered 25 hours each year

Essays focused on my value of being a leader within my community, finding connections with interdisciplinary coursework, etc.

Hooks: Gay, Hispanic

In-State, Orange County

@student5430 @testlacker @Lia2426 @Cornellian2000 did u guys get in

ED seems to have come out today. Hopefully EA will come Friday. What do you all think?

@collegemom111111 5pm PST today for EA