Early Admits Beloit College Financial aid package

I have just received my EA decision from Beloit, and was awarded 30k in scholarship. I’m an international student.
I was just wondering if the decision for my need-based aid would come later, or the scholarship is all I can be eligible for.
I’d love to hear from alumni, current students and prospective students.
What do you think?
Thank you.

@Mink123 My son is a student at Beloit, and as I recall only the scholarship award was included with his EA acceptance. The need-based offer came later. Sorry, I don’t remember when. Maybe in March?

Same I would love to know the answer.

@Minky123, @Pakse98 I found the financial aid offer Beloit sent my son last year, it was dated March 3rd. Hope this helps.

@rienrah Thank you so much! So there is separate aid package different from the scholarship if you indicated that you need need-based aid?

Yes. The scholarship was part of the admission package, and the need-based aid came separately in March.


Hi! Has anyone got their need-based aid package yet? It’s already the 13th…