Early Assurance But In Europe

Hello, I am currently in 10th grade and have recently heard about an early assurance program if you want to go into the medical field but my issue is with finding the programs in Europe. I live in the US and would want to know more about the program in Europe- if it’s even in Europe and where to look cause ive been searching and seraching over google but its all US colleges :confused: Please if you have any information, let me know!!

What do you call an early assurance program?
Do you mean studying medicine right after high school?

New one to me too - Google to the rescue.

“An early assurance program (EAP) is a way for a student to guarantee a spot in medical school early on in his or her undergraduate career. Typical medical school applicants apply after their third or fourth years. But to be considered for an EAP, students must apply at the end of their second year or in the beginning of their junior year”


It actually only sounds like a year of acceleration for acceptance. One of my D’s classmates was accepted into an undergrad+med school program out of high school. EDIT: Looks like that’s called Direct Entry Medical School.

Adding “Europe” to my searches yielded nothing, so no help to OP.

Early Assurance for medicine doesn’t exist in Europe by definition, since students are supposed to spend 2 years focusing on a set of subjects at an advanced level while in secondary school then are selected for med school right away or within a year of premed courses. Linguistic fluency is a pre-requisite of course since students are expected to memorize pages and pages of biology, anatomy, chemistry… in the foreign language.

@christina8901 Are you talking about the Atlantic Bridge Program where US and Canadian students attend medical school in Ireland?


The Atlantic Bridge Program offers 4, 5 and 6 year programs. The 6 year program begins immediately after high school so could be considered a type of “early assurance” med school program.

Graduates of the Atlantic Bridge program are considered FMG (foreign medical graduates) in the US, in Canada and in the rest of the EU–with all the inherent disadvantages that come with that designation.

No I am not looking to attend medical school in Ireland but in Slovakia, France, or Italy.

Have you lived in one of these countries ?
Are you a European citieen?