Early Care & Education AAS program

Hi all,
I was looking into the early care & education program at my college.
I decided that I would one day like to work with children. But, it seems that an aas degree in Early Care & Education leans more towards working in a daycare. (My friend is a toddler teacher,and she got the job with out a degree).

I don’t necessarily see myself doing just daycare, in fact I think I would even prefer older children ages 5-8. Also, instead of having a classroom full of toddlers, I think I would prefer instead working with children perhaps small groups, therapy, early intervention programs, one on one, counseling or able to work in a school setting, even if it’s as an administrator. I suppose my question is if I were to get a early care & education degree, would that just limit my opportunities to strictly day care/pre-k or can I do other things with such aas degree or even a bachelors.

To work as a teacher in an elementary school, you will need a bachelor’s degree (and possibly a master’s degree, depending on your state and school district). If you get an associates degree only, you will be limited to working at a daycare or preschool, or perhaps as a teacher’s aide in an elementary school. Your best choice for working one on one with children is to get a bachelor’s degree in special education, ideally a dual degree in elementary/special education. You could then work either at an elementary school or for an intermediate unit.

I agree with the above poster. I will just add I know someone with an AAS degree in early childhood who worked in daycare. She went on to get her administration license to be a director. Maybe this interests you? Just a thought. Good luck!

Thank you for all responses! :slight_smile:
I did notice you can do child care director, but don’t think that’s the path I want to take. I decided to choose Human Services instead, and see what may be my options as far as working with youth through there. I spoke with a coordinator at the Early Intervention program at my state she said it was possible to work there with human services degree as well, so hopefully! :slight_smile:

Just check with your state school and see if your courses will transfer towards a bachelors degree. It’s really the minimum for any reasonable wages in education or government. Also, if you decide to go into a therapy field those are master or doctorate degrees. Occupational therapy can have any bachelors so long as you take the prerequisites.