Early classes

<p>Hey everyone, I signed up for Fall and my schedule is from 7-10:30 so far.</p>

<p>I am taking a Summer class that starts at 8 but I can hardly get up nevertheless fall asleep! I can't sleep until around 1-2 and I have no idea how I get myself out of bed.</p>

<p>The truth is in high school I considered myself a morning person, waking up every morning was a routine to me. I did not think about waking up too much and I was some what like a robot when I got up.</p>

<p>Im not sure if its because of sleeping really late druing the first half of summer and Im not used to it yet or if Im just not a morning person anymore</p>

<p>I really do not want waking up early to affect my grade, anyone been through it?</p>

<p>For my summer class some days I feel "off" others I just wake up after a while.</p>

<p>Some would find this a laughable problem and consider it laziness or teen "upside down" sleep/wake schedule and that you just have to go to bed earlier.</p>

<p>I understand where you are coming from, and there is research that shows that late adolescents actually CAN'T get to sleep as early as might be wise to suit school/work schedules. So I empathize.</p>

<p>However, despite that research, the worlds of work and school just aren't going to adapt to individual sleep needs. </p>

<p>So you'll need to use techniques to help you change your sleep schedule. You are already doing one of them, because you have to: Getting up earlier than you'd like. You'll need to add others. I don't know all of the techniques.... but you can google about changing sleep patterns or go to the Parent Forum for some tips.</p>

<p>They include things like: exercising during the day, but not too close to desired sleep time (eg, not in the mid- late- evening). Avoiding caffeine (obvious) after a certain time... for me it would be no later than noon time. Doing things to relax or ready you for sleep - warm bath, warm milk, certain other foods. Developing a sleep routine... just like parents do with their very young children. Eg, quiet activities for about an hour before the time you NEED to go to sleep, quiet music, reading something (but not a whodunit/action genre, lol). No MRPG shortly before bedtime, etc. </p>

<p>In later semesters, you might be able to control your course schedule more to your liking, but a lot of times that just isn't possible. So developing some of these techniques will help in the long run.</p>

<p>Your morning routine might benefit from some change as well. Since you have trouble getting up early, you may be rolling out of bed in a half-stupor and heading off to class. Hard as it may be, getting up still 20 minutes earlier and taking a quick shower, having some juice, complex carb and protein for breakfast could put you in a more ready to learn state of mind. I'm not a fan of caffeine and hate to recommend it... but that's another possibility.... coffee on the way to class.</p>

<p>Good luck with this.</p>