Early College (Dual Enrollment) vs AP vs IB

<p>Is any one program, such as an Early College, IB programme, or AP, better than another?</p>

<p>I am an Early College student, so I don't have room in my schedule for AP classes. Instead, I do dual enrollment at the community college (liberal arts courses, social sciences, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, statistics), and will have accumulated nearly 50 credit hours by the end of my senior year--far more than any IB or AP score could generate. Plus, my early college program requires job shadowing, internship hours, among other things. Basically, I am taking the most rigorous program offered to me at this time! In my opinion, Early College is extremely impressive. While AP is only a good prediction of college success and environment, early college IS the college class. </p>

<p>My home district only offers 5 AP tests (there are 34). That's not a very good ratio. In other words, my school doesn't have a strong AP program. I could have gone to our IB academy, but found out too late--after I was accepted to the Early College.</p>

<p>DO YOU THINK THAT I WILL HAVE ANY ISSUES WHEN APPLYING TO COLLEGES (Uva, UNC-CH, Macaulay Honors College) SINCE I DIDN'T TAKE ANY AP CLASSES? It seems like APs are still glorified even though it's clearnly not superior to an early college or IB school. </p>

<p>Please share your opinion with me. </p>


<p>I believe IB is far more challenging than AP. The fact that you can easily self-study for an AP exam says enough. IB also requires service learning, an intense research followed by a 4000 word essay, and at least 2 years of preparation for an exam. Of course AP is challenging too, but i find IB to be more challenging.</p>