Early Decision 2023

Starting this up for 2023 ED hopefuls…

@ruabadfish2 I am hoping to hear soon

Has anybody heard yet

Nope. Submitted app on 11/10.



Just submitted my final agreement, I’ll be going next year!

@Rushine… Omg congratulations!!! May I ask what your stats are… If you don’t mind

Admitted Nov 30

@Trueblackberry by stats do you mean sat and GPA? if so 1390 sat and 4.11 weighted GPA, but i visited the university a good amount and did their interview since it was my first choice. And thanks! I’m really excited!

@Rushine if you don’t mind me asking, did you receive any financial aid or merit based aid?

Question was not for me but I got 20k in merit with 3.8uw and a 1340 sat

If you dont mind me asking, what were your EC’s, essay, and recs like? Also did you apply for FASFA? @ruabadfish2

ECs, recs and essay all very strong. Lots of community engagement. I did not apply for FA. I visited and interviewed too, not sure how much that matters when you ED. Seems like ED is the ultimate show of interest

Dang I’m scared. I was hoping for a lot of financial aid, I guess not lmao

@lowandbehold I got a bit of financial aid, making denison actually possible for me. They gave me a good majority of tuition through scholarships and Grant’s, but I still have to pay a bit out of pocket and get loans.

I got into Denison and I have paid the enrollment deposit and stuff. Couldn’t be happier. If you guys are enrolling at Denison do hit me up. Cheers!


Thank you so much!