Early decision acceptance rates?

<p>Does anyone know Oberlin's early decision acceptance rates for this year to the College? Also, what impact does accepatance of recruited atheltes have on this number? I was attending an information at another selective LAC and the presenter indicated that although the ED rate was twice the RD, a significant portion of the difference could be attributed to recruited atheletes. . . even though this college did not offer scholarships solely based on athletics. . .</p>

<p>my S was recruited by some Ivies and many LACs. Wesleyan, Haverford, Kenyon, Oberlin and Vassar showed the most interest. Most upper tier LACs use a quasi AI formula for its recruits(see Chris Lincoln's book "Playing the Game" for an excellent explanation on IVY and NESCAC recruiting). After overnights at those 5 schools it came down to A) which did he prefer and B) which school proclaimed the highest degree of application support. All 5 schools asked him to apply ED. So as to your question figure each sport(Oberlin has 22) has 4 to 5 EDs it wants Admit to take(take football out of the equation...too many variables). Not every sport gets 4 or 5...some may have greater need due to graduation etc. I know with my son's sport 3 were accepted ED1 and 3 came in ED2 and 3 were RD. That probably means with Oberlin this past year 21 X 3 for ED1...then add football...I would say with confidence the number of ED1 jocks might have been 50. DIII recruiting is a game just as serious as DI with greater risks for student and coach. We were very fortunate compared to some of my son's friends. By the way his academic numbers were spot on the mid range for Oberlin admits and he is an incoming Bonner.</p>

<p>Go to the CollegeBoard website and search for Oberlin...under the tab "Admission" it says 336 early decision applications were received and out of those, 220 were accepted. So, the ED acceptance rate is just over 65%.</p>