Early Decision/Action

I applied early decision to Pace and im expecting a letter on Dec 1st. Does anyone who applied early decision or action know if it will come on dec 1st? I applied to NYC and live on long island. And if the only way to find out is by letter? Also people saying when they go on application status that it says a decision was made, but mine still just lists everything I needed with the checks that it was done. Is this normal, or should it say a decision was made by now?

My DD got an email tonight with an acceptance to Dyson as Undecided since she has an interview scheduled for Directing in February. We are OOS.

I found out my decision on November 30, and I applied EA. I heard via social media that not everyone has found out their decisions yet, and on Twitter Pace University said that not all decisions have been released yet and they will be rolled out through this week.

what day did you apply exactly I applied on October 21st and haven’t heard anything yet

they are a little late with everything. i called them today. Status page might not even say ‘decision made’ even ithough it was. Hang in there.