Early Decision agreement LATE!!!

<p>Everything else was sent in on time, but I'm having issues with the contract because I forgot that the part my parent and I signed online wouldn't be sent until my counselor signed her part online...and I apparently assumed wrong that she knew about it or was able to do that online. (It's a little difficult to communicate w/her, I've already graduated and live quite far from the school, and she's VERY busy.) I'm calling tomorrow to make sure and to start fixing things, but does anyone know if this problem will disqualify me from early decision admission, or is the fact that they're already reviewing my application proof that it won't?</p>

<p>Email or call Rice and ask. They will let you know for sure.</p>

<p>Don't worry - our D completely missed that form, was admitted ED and only after admission was she asked to submit it as a condition of her admission.</p>