Early Decision: Brown 2012

<p>Let’s start a thread for the EDers in Brown’s class of 2012 to get to know each other in. I’m incredibly excited that I’ll be going to Providence in the fall, and I’m sure everyone else is too. Post your:</p>

Prospective Major:
Other Interests:

<p>I’ll start.</p>

<p>Name: Andrew
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Prospective Major: Philosophy and Cognitive Science
Other Interests: Cello/music/weight training/eating and sleeping
AIM: ToastWomble</p>

<p>Name:Atilio Barreda
Location:Springfield, VT
Prospective Major:Physics AND MCM
Other Interests:everything, life, literay theory, music, civil liberties, and humor!
aim= glassMASKS
msn= this<em>one</em>time<em>at</em><a href="mailto:bandcamp2@msn.com">bandcamp2@msn.com</a><a href="i%20thought%20i%20was%20awesome%20in%205th%20grade...">/email</a></p>

<p>Name: David Stern
Location: Highland Park, NJ
Prospective Major: Computer Science (Sc. B.)
Other Interests: Instrumental Music (Tenor Sax), Vocal Music, A Cappella (woot!), Drama (dunno if I'll continue at Brown).
AIM/MSN/other: AIM => LegendOfStern</p>

<p>Name: Mara
Location: Maryland
Prospective Major: Cognitive Neuroscience
Other Interests: their ice skating marching band :P, rugby, art, flute, photography, public education reform, the great outdoors, living
AIM/MSN/other: AIM = I mostly gmail, but sometimes can be found at Mara587</p>

<p>Hi guys congs to u all.
Can i get to see someone international accepted to Brown?</p>

<p>My daughter was accepted for the class of 2012. She's busy tonight (studying for finals and all) but I'm sure she'll come by and post after tomorrow. Here's what I'm sure she wont mind me posting:</p>

<p>Name: Caitlin
Location: Gardner, KS
Prospective Major:
Other Interests:

<p>Hey Andrew, we're practically neighbors!</p>

<p>Congrats guy! My friend was accepted into Brown also. He was so happy, he turned down Harvard for the love of his life. Brown. Maybe you can meet him and become best buds like he and I are, lol.</p>

<p>Name: JM --- I dont feel comfortable giving it out online ;-)
Location: 'burb of Worcester, Massachusetts
Prospective Major: Biology/Political Sciences
Other Interests: Onomatology, Pastry Design, Law
AIM/MSN/other: perhaps PM me?</p>



<p>I'm such a dork, but I'm excited about that. I remember you from the TASP thread and how I was obsessed with your username because it was so fun and adorable.</p>

<p>Anyway. cough. congrats. :)</p>

<p>Name: Diahndra
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Prospective Major: International Relations
Other Interests: Theatre, Law
AIM: bumbledee30</p>

<p>If anyone wants to talk, let me know and we can exchange AIM or emails. or.. See you in the Fall.</p>


<p>Name:Ayoosh Pareek
Location: New York City
Prospective Major: Biology/Mathematics
Other Interests:Guitar, Music, Poetry, Sports, Technology
AIM/MSN/other: AIM - P3dal 2 Da M3tal</p>

<p>Name: Joanna
Location: Athens, Greece
Prospective Major: Biology//history..</p>

<p>any other international students???</p>

<p>yap me
Name: Elias
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Prospective Major: Biology, Neuroscience</p>